Euro 2000 cable protections for the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, cables are used extensively and easily subject to wear and tear, given their significant use. Cable protection systems for the industrial sector are often subject to various stresses ranging from mechanical stress to chemical stress due to synthetic agents and abrasion and weather stress caused by sudden temperature fluctuations to which they may be subjected.
Our flexible industrial conduit systems and fittings for industrial cable protection are used in harsh environments and thus offer the necessary cable protection to ensure that plants, machinery, and components continue to operate efficiently.

Euro 2000’s industrial sector cable protection systems

Any industrial electrical cable protection conduit system must provide excellent resistance to static and dynamic mechanical stress common in industrial machinery and manufacturing plants. It is also necessary that industrial conduit systems be flexible and resistant to abrasion, oils, and chemicals to maintain both their integrity and performance when exposed to a wide range of operating temperatures.

This is why we constantly expand our product portfolio and offer several protection accessories for industrial machinery cables.

Industrial sector applications

Our products and industrial conduit systems are designed and manufactured specifically for these requirements to meet the needs of our customers.

Steel mills and foundries
Machinery, plants, foundry, and steel mill components where shaping, welding, machining, and milling of metals takes place, as well as packaging and recycling

Glass manufacturing plants
Factory control equipment for glass production where shaping takes place, but also transport, packaging, and recycling

Electrical systems
General use in electrical panels and control equipment.
Input and output components such as valves, sensors, and actuators.