Euro 2000 cable protectors for electric mobility

According to recent European estimates, about one million electric columns and charging points will be created by 2030 to put at least seven million electric vehicles on the road. The goal is to increase the power of the public charging network, promoting its fast expansion, perfect for all e-mobility vehicles, meaning all those vehicles that use electricity as their main source of energy instead of traditional fossil fuels and oils.
From a technical standpoint, it is necessary to create an integrated charging and wiring infrastructure for which it is necessary to build overvoltage cable protection for e-mobility since electrical conduits are ideal for preparatory charging plants.
At Euro 2000, we have developed our products to the point that we can offer adequate cable protection for electric vehicles, also keeping in consideration the expansion of this type of infrastructure that will become increasingly popular in the future.

Euro 2000’s cable protection systems in the e-mobility sector

Our products are designed for electric mobility cable protection systems and meet all the requirements for ensuring the safety of this type of cable infrastructure, which calls for an electrical conduit for the data cable power line and thus requires sealing solutions for e-mobility.
They will also easily enable the addition of charging points at a later stage, whether in residential buildings, commercial premises, parking lots, or municipal areas.

E-mobility sector applications

Across Europe, a mobility transformation is underway with its goal of a zero-emission drive system with a shift toward hybrid or all-electric vehicles, which will rule the e-mobility sector.
The range of products is vast and will make use of different types of devices: from electric batteries to fuel cells, making it one of the biggest challenges of the world today.

Public transportation and commercial vehicles

Industrial, agricultural, and marine vessels