Junction boxes

Junction boxes are the key elements of any electrical system. The purpose of the junction boxes is to distribute power to the entire system. From the main circuit breaker, the main cables of the circuit (phase cables, ground cables, and neutral cables) start and connect directly to the differential magneto-thermal circuit breaker and from there they reach the junction box. From the junction box, the cables branch off to reach the circuit breakers and electrical outlets in the area where the system is installed.

A junction box can be in plastic or metal, and it distributes the power originating from the main circuit breaker of a system to the various switches and electrical outlets. Junction boxes are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the number of cables that they will host.

Reference standards for junction boxes

IEC 64-8 is the reference standard for junction boxes. It specifies that, after the installation of cables and terminals, it is appropriate to leave a free space gap of approximately 30 percent of the box’s volume (previously, 20 percent was required). This makes it possible to make future changes to the system, avoiding masonry work.

Even though junction boxes are considered simple elements, they must be highly deformation-resistant. Junction boxes made of high-quality materials with significant wall thicknesses are the most suitable solution in those systems where something extra is needed because they are remarkably stable and ideal in case of high loads.
It is crucial to remember that connections inside the junction boxes should be made with the utmost care to avoid the occurrence of contacts and short circuits. Also for this reason, there are junction boxes of various shapes and sizes to be chosen according to the number of electrical cables they shall contain and distribute. Junction boxes are split between recessed and outdoor junction boxes. In our catalog you will find Euro 2000’s wide selection of outdoor industrial junction boxes. You can find all the models and technical specifications on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.