Fittings for Conduits

Fittings for Conduits are used to join cable protection systems in compliance with international installation standards, ensuring their tightness and efficiency. At Euro 2000, we offer a wide range of metal and nylon fittings, which are modular and adaptable to any conduits.

With great flexibility, using the same components, our fittings for conduits can be assembled according to male, female, swivel, variable angle version or with a cap fitting for connectors with ISO 228 – GAS cylindrical, DIN 40430 – PG, ISO 965 – METRIC, UN -UNEF/UNS thread, ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 – NPT and ISO 7/1 – GAS tapered threads.

With the addition of the Transformer system kit, our fittings can become cable gland fittings. By replacing the sealing rubber and washer with the ferrule and ring, a fitting can quickly become a cable gland fitting with the same types and threads as those mentioned above.

The various types of fittings for Conduits

We offer a wide range of different types of fittings in various materials. Below you can find the main types.

Metal fittings

Metal fittings are used to connect flexible metal or metal-plastic conduits. They are made of nickel-plated brass, and the effortless assembly of the modular components allows a quick installation resulting in low cost. Metal fittings provide a perfect mechanical seal and excellent tensile, torsion, and vibration resistance.

Nylon Fittings

Our new series of Nylon Polyamide 6 FIPLOCK ONE fittings provide high resistance to external agents, dynamic load, shock, and tensile strength and meet the highest quality standards. Our nylon fittings are suitable for all conduit types, all sizes, and all industrial applications on board the machine and automation. The operating temperature ranges from -50°C to 120°C. In addition, the system is certified according to UL Standard 1696- Mechanical Protection Tubing (MPT) and Fittings.

The pre-installed sealing ring on the fitting body ensures a reliable connection with the highest degrees of protection since the FIPLOCK ONE series provides complete protection according to IP54, IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69 degrees.

IECEx / ATEX Fittings

IECEx- and ATEX-certified metal fittings are used to connect flexible metal or metal plastic braided conduits. They are made of nickel-plated brass and produced according to male (Ex-Rm) and fixed female (Ex-Rf) versions with ISO 228 – GAS cylindrical, DIN 40430 – PG, ISO 965 – METRIC, ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 – NPT and ISO 7/1 – GAS tapered threads. The ferrule screwed inside the flexible pipe ensures electrical continuity. The special care with which the edges are chamfered ensures safety against cable abrasion during their insertion. They are certified according to IEC/EN 60079-0,7,15,31 and IECEx and ATEX international standards. The waterproofing corresponding to IP66/IP67/IP68 (0.5 bar, 30 min) of the fittings is obtained by the polyamide ring, which, tightened by the nut, ensures high mechanical resistance to tensile strength, torsion, and vibration.

Cable Gland Fittings

In our catalog, you may also find cable gland fittings according to male, female, swivel, variable angle versions or a cap fitting for connectors with ISO 228 – GAS cylindrical, DIN 40430 – PG, ISO 965 – METRIC, ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 – NPT and ISO 7/1 – GAS tapered threads.

Cable gland fittings are used wherever there is a need to lock a cable with the cable gland and simultaneously protect it in a coated flexible metal pipe. This type of fitting is generally made of nickel-plated brass, with a certified degree of protection IP66/IP67/IP68, according to EN IEC 61386 standards, guaranteed by the thermosetting elastomer rubber stop that is tightened on the cable of the sealing ring when the nut is tightened. This way, the cable gland fittings guarantee perfect mechanical, tensile, torsion, and vibration sealing. Electrical continuity is ensured by the internal ferrule that is screwed directly into the metal core of the pipe, completely covering the end of the pipe to protect the cable passage. In addition, the cable gland fittings meet the requirements of IEC/ EN 62444 standard, Cable glands for electrical installations.

Quick Coupling Fittings

The quick coupling fittings for TZR galvanized or TXR stainless steel rigid pipes, with METRIC ISO 965 male thread, are used to be connected to threaded or through holes with the help of locking spring. They provide an IP66/IP67 degree of protection and an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +105°C.
Our quick coupling fittings are available in the versions to connect the pipe to a junction box with male or female tread, to connect pipe to pipe or pipe to the conduit, and pipe to the conduit with gland fitting both fixed and swivel.

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