Non-threadable rigid pipe

Our galvanized pipes for electrical systems are mainly used for:

Chemical and industrial plants;
Fuel and off-shore processing;
Infrastructure and environments with flame and spark hazards.

Euro 2000 unthreaded pipes are produced using galvanized or stainless steel metal sheets. They are resistant to all kinds of impacts, crushing, corrosion, and temperatures ranging from -25°C + 400°C.
Our galvanized pipes are particularly suitable for airtightness systems requiring high mechanical and corrosion resistance.

Our catalog includes electro-joined pipes produced using hot-dip galvanized sheet metal with ZL coating and zinc on the weld and are subject to IMQ Quality Mark inspections. The small internal weld and the lack of sharp edges allow the cables to slide perfectly without the risk of damaging the coating.

Using our fittings in combination with unthreaded pipes ensures electrical continuity and airtightness of the system. The certifications refer to the closed system, certifying that the pipe-fitting assembly complies with the standards and IP67 airtightness.

All our galvanized pipes for electrical systems offer good corrosion protection, being tested for 1000 hours in neutral salt spray according to UNI EN ISO 9227:2017 (NSS) regulations.

All our unthreaded pipes for electrical systems offer good protection against electromagnetic interference over a wide frequency band, according to IEC 62153-4-4: Metallic communication cable test methods – Part 4-4:

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Test method for measuring of the screening attenuation as up to and above 3 GHz, triaxial method

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