Nylhom junction boxes

Nylon junction boxes are plastic containers used to distribute power from a system’s main circuit breaker to the various electrical switches and outlets.

From the power meter, the power reaches the electrical control panel. It is delivered to the various power lines, called trunk lines, through the junction boxes, which in turn deliver it to the final destination points.
From the junction box, all the various branches start towards the boxes where sockets, relays, circuit breakers, switches, and pushbuttons are housed as well as to the light points in the room.

Our Nylon junction boxes are available in different versions: IP66, IP67, and IP68, and meet the different distribution needs of the electrical system.

All our Nylon junction boxes are sealed and equipped with a wide range of accessories to complement them. They ensure the highest degree of protection and tightness against dust and water jets.

Nylon junction boxes

The Nylohm junction boxes are manufactured in polyamide(PA66) according to IEC EN 86-23 and self-extinguishing features according to UL94 standards. Nylhom junction boxes cannot be opened accidentally and provide IP68 protection. Together with straight, 90°, and 45° male fittings, they allow a wide range of configurations during assembly.

Our Nylon junction boxes fall under our filed patent No. 102016000132538.
Thanks to the patented metal strip on the threaded openings, they guarantee – when used with metal and non-metal pipes, brass or metal fittings or cable glands – electrical continuity, electrical grounding, and an operating temperature from -50° to +120°C.

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