Custom conduit and fitting system - Configurator

The customized conduit and assembly of the fittings is a service for our customers who need a product already pre-assembled for their application. Use this configurator to choose and design your conduit system based on the application. The creation of each conduit system with required length is called a “conduit segment”. You will choose the length of the conduit segment, and which type of fitting or fitting cable gland to mount, the configurator creates a personalized code for the final configuration system and to make the conduit segment as requested.
With this initiative we want to put ourselves more and more at the service of customers, giving the possibility to provide segments of flexible conduit already cut to size with the fittings already assembled, according to features chosen by customer.


All the flexible conduit, fitting and fitting cable glands compliance EN IEC 61386
Reference standard: EN IEC 61386-1-21, UL 1696
Flexible Conduit
Tensile strength: 1000 N
Compressive strength: 1250 N
Impact load: 6 J
Grey DMC conduit (upto internal diameter 50.5 mm or in inch 2″ ) along with fitting with fixed male thread (GAS 228, PG (DIN 40430), Metrico (ISO 965), NPT (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1)) compliance according to UL 1696
Fittings and fitting cable glands
Operating temperature: – 40 °C / + 105 °C
Degree of protection IP: Fittings – IP67, fitting cable glands – IP66/IP68
Tensile strength: 1000 N
Impact load: 6 J
Classification codes EN IEC 61386: 4 4 4 3
AM MF Fitting: UL 1696 (Only for GAS ISO 228, PG DIN 40430, ISO METRIC, NPT threads with conduit internal diameter up to 50.5 mm)
Types of threads: ISO Metric (ISO 965), GAS (ISO 228), PG (DIN 40430), NPT (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1), GAS taper (ISO 7-1) – R, UN thread (ASME B1.1)

Quality controls

Salt Spray and Salt Fog Testing: UNI EN ISO 9227:2017 (NSS). Periodic tests on each production lot relating to traction at 1000 N and compression at 1250 N in accordance with the EN IEC 61386 standard on all closed systems consisting of conduits and fittings and cable gland fittings and traction test (cable anchoring for unarmoured cable - cable retention class B) and shore tests for the sealing rubber in accordance with EN / IEC 62444 on all closed systems consisting of cable glands.

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