Line diverter

Our new Line diverter features ISO Metric 965 threads at their ends and allows creating variable angle and counter bends.

They are protected by EURO2000’s filed patent No. MI2004A000698 and are specially designed with appropriate lengths to create forced paths, misalignment overlaps, and whatever else you may find while installing a line for cable passage.
Euro 2000’s line switches are used at their best together with TZR/TXR galvanized/stainless steel rigid pipes, but they can also be used together with any other type of flexible pipe. Unlike conventional galvanized TZR 90 bends, their corrugated inner surface promotes cable flow even in the tightest bends. Our line switches can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C + 105° C.

Our line switches are made of AISI 316L stainless steel with nickel-plated brass threads, according to EN IEC 61386 standards. Browse our online catalog, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

Line diverter

Line diverter DEV