A good fitting is essential to complete an electrical system since it allows all elements to be joined while ensuring sealing and effectiveness, protecting against environmental agents and external disturbance. Fittings are needed to connect cables to flexible conduits or rigid pipes, or connect them to other devices, such as electrical junction boxes or derivation boxes.

Fittings are used with flexible conduits and rigid pipes to make high-efficiency systems for electrical cable protection. Fittings can be made of plastic or metal materials and have specific characteristics that make them suitable for electrical systems in various contexts.

We have the whole range of fittings and cable glands. We at Euro 2000 are specialized in the production of modular fittings that allow many combination possibilities and high flexibility, ensuring the use of our fittings in many different applications.

Fittings: when to choose a metal or plastic solution

When discussing fittings, it is always good to consider the context where the products shall be used and their final application.

In public facilities, the most appropriate choice is metal electrical cables protection systems because they cannot trigger fires and are passive to external stresses. In fact, if necessary, in facilities crowded with large numbers of people, it is recommended to use fittings and other components made of halogen-free plastic materials that cannot produce toxic gasses and fumes in the event of a fire.

The sectors where it is recommended to use metal fittings, for example, are:

  • Shopping centers
  • Theaters
  • Discos
  • Schools
  • Underground parking lots
  • Exhibition facilities

In addition, metal fittings for protecting electrical cables are preferred when the facilities where the installation is carried out are at risk of rodent infestation, for example:

  • Mils
  • Feed mills
  • Paper mills
  • Joiner’s workshops
  • Agri-food companies
  • Archives

Sometimes it is necessary to use plastic (or metal-plastic) fittings in public facilities or industrial applications. In these cases, it is necessary to choose self-extinguishing fittings that contain no halogens and ensure minimal emission of toxic fumes.
I settori in cui viene comunemente utilizzata raccorderia elettrica in plastica (o metallo plastica) sono:

The major certifications for the Fittings

To obtain safe and certified electrical systems, it is necessary to choose cable protection solutions that meet the standards defined in the current regulations.
Fittings must comply with, among others, the following standards:

  • EN IEC 61386-1-21-22 Conduit systems for cable management;
  • UL 1696 Mechanical Protection Tubing (MPT) and Fittings;
  • IEC/ EN 62444 Cable glands for electrical installations;
  • EN 60670-1 Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for the household and similar fixed electrical installations;
  • EN 60423 Conduit systems for cable management – Outside diameters of conduits for electrical installations and threads for pipes and fittings;
  • EN 62262 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code);
  • EN 45545 Fire protection measures for railway vehicles.

Euro 2000 fittings: simply different

Euro 2000 metal fittings comply with the requirements of the standards previously listed that certify the closed system of conduits, pipes, and fittings.

In addition, our fittings are modularly designed so that all the products in our catalog can be assembled differently and can ensure a wide product range. They are also perfectly interchangeable with our competitors’ series. This competitive advantage allowed us to be recognized in the sector as innovators and creators of simplified and interchangeable quality for:

  1. Modular fittings with the same components;
  2. All-purpose fittings for all types of conduits.

This modular fittings system allows great flexibility in all electrical applications where installation needs require simple fittings, cable gland fittings, cable glands, quick connectors or coupling fitting, and quick-coupling cable glands. Browse our online catalog, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information and specifications!