Euro 2000 cable protection systems for the infrastructure sector

The infrastructure sector in Italy is undoubtedly a key market, as it provides services that are fundamental for the operation of the economic system not only at the national but also at the European level.
When it comes to the TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) sector, our country enjoys an excellent reputation at the international level, thanks to the high quality of its TMT infrastructure, which is in line with or even higher than the European average.
The infrastructure sector ranks second in demand for products, behind only the Energy sector. In fact, the infrastructures, data centers, and broadband systems are constantly in high demand, trailing only the renewable energy and transportation infrastructure sectors.
At Euro 2000, we choose to invest in this growing sector, developing product lines designed for underground cable protection for such infrastructures.

Euro 2000’s infrastructure sector cable protection systems

Our underground cable protection systems for infrastructures are specifically certified for this industry that demands significant innovation. The evolution of the sector goes hand in hand with the evolution of technology and several applications deemed key, such as Artificial Intelligence (29 percent), Cloud (21 percent), IoT (16 percent), and Cybersecurity (16 percent).
Not surprisingly, such technological implementation has also helped bring several additional application areas to the energy, logistics, and TMT segments

Infrastructure sector applications

Euro 2000’s offers a wide range of underground cable protection systems intended for the infrastructure sector and suitable for all applications in this sector.

Telecommunications and Media
Data centers, networks, and data transmission.

Logistics and Transportation
Highways, viaducts, tunnels, railway and subway networks, as well as major harbor works.