Euro 2000 cable protectors for the naval sector

Cable protection systems for the naval industry, both civilian and military, play a key role in defense systems that are frequently exposed to extreme weather, salt, and UV rays, and that can lead to corrosion and damage to materials, components, and systems.
At EURO 2000, we manufacture conduits and fittings designed specifically to protect ship cables that are subject to mechanical, chemical, and thermal deterioration. In addition, our ship cable protection systems provide a high degree of protection from electromagnetic interference, a key feature in this type of industry.

Euro 2000’s ship cable protection systems

Our cable protection systems are designed and certified for the naval industry and find application in many areas of a ship, from switchboards to antennas, electrical control panels, and full protection systems against EMC and EMP electromagnetic interference.
In particular, our flexible and rigid metal systems are used in engine bilges, while our nylon protection system is in use in those areas that come in direct contact with passengers. Both product lines belong to our Metal and Nylon catalogs, respectively.

Naval sector applications

At Euro 2000, we work closely every day with the most important industries in this sector and offer services and products designed for cable protection in the naval industry: the result of the innovation and patents we develop in-house.

Cruise, cargo, and navy
Euro 2000’s products are intended for ship cable protection on all kinds of applications and requirements where mechanical and electromagnetic protection is needed in both the civilian and military naval sectors.