We are a Green Tech company, towards the circular economy

At Euro 2000 we invest in sustainable development and the circular economy, to minimise our impact on the environment.

Renewable energy
We produce 100,000 kWh per year for our own consumption needs.
726 m²
of solar panels installed
For a total of 150kW of power.

EURO2000 on Environment

At EURO2000 we are aware that we have a great responsibility towards our environment and future generations; We work hard to maintain this responsibility in all aspects of our business. With a reliable business strategy to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we make every effort to be environmentally friendly in our products. As a private sector, we play a key role in delivering the 2030 Agenda and have begun our journey towards sustainability as a long-term strategic business choice.

Our environmental focus on sustainability motivates us to constantly assess and reduce our direct and indirect emissions. While it is impossible to become 100% green in the production process of products for electrical protection systems, the effort to reduce the environmental impact has been started.

Green Site

In EURO2000 we strengthen social responsibility by practicing green techniques. We take care of our mother earth and do our best to follow eco-friendly practices within our daily operations and products from the entire supply chain that can lead to positive results on the environment. We planted the industrial site with various species of trees such as olive and oak etc that support other living creatures such as hares, sparrows, etc.
We have installed a photovoltaic system of 800 m2 for the production of renewable energy, producing about 100,000 kwh per year for our electricity needs.

Production System

We use energy-efficient methods for the production process, such as shorter cycle times, simpler production cycles and harmless disposal of waste materials. On-site energy production at our industrial site is desirable; However, it helps reduce energy costs and reduces pollution. We use resources effectively and produce low levels of waste by adapting automation in our production processes that mainly reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Through our sustainable design and careful planning, we significantly reduce the consumption of energy, cutting material and shorten the processing cycle.

Packaging and Disposal

EURO2000 follows the principle of reducing, reusing, recovering and recycling packaging. During the shipping phase we carefully examine the products that require primary and / or secondary packaging. At this stage, we significantly reduce the packaging materials and resources used. The use of monomaterials for packaging is a strategy we are implementing. It helps to achieve better recyclability. We use cardboard boxes, corrugated bubble wrap, recycled cardboard sheets and bioplastic paper wraps and adhesives that do not require additional material handling by our customers.
We use IT control, IoT, digitalization and automation from design to packaging of our products.

New Product Development (NPD)

EURO2000 considers not only the quality and function of the product, but also the environmental factors and recyclability of the product. Our designers perform a complete and reasonable analysis of the entire life cycle of our product to ensure quality, function, recycling and resource utilization rate We efficiently use computer-aided design and 3D printing technology to design the next product required. The potential of this technology allows us to reduce overall energy waste We design durable, high-quality, and near-low-volume products efficiently and effectively. We produce spare parts for our new and existing products that help customers reuse the same product, which in turn reduces waste production.

EURO2000 is always looking for new products and is open to incorporating new technologies that increase our sustainability in logistics. EURO2000 started the Green Club, a voluntary group that promotes and empowers staff and the public to participate and undertake environmental activities. We believe that together our steps towards sustainability can have a positive impact on our living environment.