Euro 2000 cabling solutions and system for the railway sector

In the transportation industry, the railway sector and related cables are among the cabling systems most exposed to extreme weather and stress, such as temperature changes from hot to cold and humidity, but also chemical and mechanical agents such as abrasions and impacts.
Our entire product line takes advantage of the latest technology to offer solutions and wiring systems for railway transportation since Euro 2000 products can be used in high vibration and traction force areas, such as it happens in this specific industry. We have patented solutions that protect, guide, and bundle railway pipes and cables and are designed and manufactured in response to the specific needs of our customers and sector.

Euro 2000’s railway sector cable protection systems

Our cable protection systems are certified for the railway sector and meet all compliance specifications for use in this field, such as the regulatory requirement of halogen-free, low toxicity, and low smoke emission in case of fire. In particular, fire retardant properties are among the prerequisites that train cable protection pipes must necessarily have for use in all railway applications.

Railway sector applications

EURO 2000’s conduits, pipes, fittings, and accessories available and intended for railway cable protection use meet all the requirements in this category and all the technical and environmental factors associated with the activity.

Railway structures and components
Stations, subways, tunnels, Railway cars, bogies, and frames

Safety and protection of railway systems
Signaling and security systems, closed-circuit cameras, and protection from electromagnetic interference in security systems.