Euro 2000 cable protection systems for the oil & gas sector

A cable protection system for the oil & gas industry must be manufactured to withstand the high temperatures and weather challenges that oil rig towers or platforms face, as they are often located in harsh environments such as the open sea, coast, or desert.
Euro 2000’s conduits and fitting products are designed to come into contact with the substances and materials produced and processed at petrochemical plants, a sector where the oil and gas processed are natural fuels with a high risk of explosion and fire.

Euro 2000’s oil & gas industry cable protection systems

Our products are explosion-proof and offer the best reliability and high performance in the field of cable protection for oil and gas.
We manufacture conduits and fittings that withstand high temperatures and weather changes, as well as mechanical stresses due to shock and vibrations, while also ensuring that they operate with minimal maintenance requirements.
Our metal cable protection systems are designed and certified for the Oil & Gas industry and find application in the petrochemical, offshore, and onshore sectors. In particular, our flexible and rigid metal cable protection lines in AISI 316L are the most suitable products for these types of applications.

Industrial applications

The Oil & Gas industry is split into different segments such as onshore, offshore, transportation and storage, gas processing, and LNG. Our products can meet the needs of each of them and lend themselves to all kinds of applications while ensuring high-quality standards.

Machinery and accessories
Turbines, heat recovery steam generators, compressors, transformers, motors, reactors, fans, and chillers.

Instruments and equipment
Measuring instruments, switchboards, electric control panels, and input and output components such as valves, sensors, and actuators.

All Euro 2000’s product lines comply with IECEx ATEX | UL & CSA | certification requirements