Euro 2000 cable protections for the service sector

Our solutions offer a wide range of cable protection systems for the service sector suitable for properly installing electrical systems intended for industrial construction works.
We manufacture protection systems for components that take advantage of the innovation and technology of our patents. The modularity of our system design and component interchangeability make all kinds of applications simple and versatile, including cable protection solutions for the service sector.

Euro 2000’s service sector cable protection systems

Our cable protection systems are designed for those sectors that require great attention to detail, such as large construction works in the industrial service sector. Regarding mechanical cable protection, our flexible protective systems are particularly suitable for those systems installed in various plants and facilities.

Service sector applications

EURO 2000’s cable protection product lines fully meet the needs of the industrial service sector and are suitable for all types of applications without neglecting the technical and environmental factors associated with the business activity.

In particular, our cable protection systems comply with the specific requirements of the electrical systems designed for industrial construction projects, specifically those related to the service sector.
In fact, in the electrical systems of this sector, the quality of cable protection acquires significant importance to avoid the cable protection system degrading quickly due to the weather agents and mechanical stress to which they are subject.

Commercial and education sector
Shopping malls, public parking lots, schools, and banks

Public safety sector
Barracks and prisons

Football and sports sector
Stadiums and sports centers

Public and private transportation sector
Railway stations and airports

Hotel and catering sector/strong>
Hotels and restaurants

Logistics sector
Postal sorting and logistics centers and lines