Euro 2000 cable protection for the energy sector

The energy industry is considered one of the most massive and important applications for our products, and as such, our cable protection systems for the energy sector find their greatest application and implementation.
In particular, the flexible metal system is suitable for application in nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric power plants, while the rigid system lends is perfect for use in steel mills, foundries, and blast furnaces, since the mechanical protection is combined with the need to protect against high temperatures.

Euro 2000’s energy sector cable protection systems

EURO 2000’s protection systems for the energy sector consist of flexible conduits, fittings, connector adapters, and sensors that can withstand high temperatures. For this reason, they are typically used in plants, machinery, and instrumentation systems in all those infrastructures in use at industrial energy plants such as hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, wind, solar and thermal power plants, incinerators, biomass processing plants, and waste-to-energy plants.

In the energy sector, cables are subject to extreme weather and environmental, chemical, and mechanical stresses.
Our products are designed to protect, guide, and bundle cables and pipes, meeting both our customers’ needs and industry regulations. Through research and innovation, we are constantly expanding our product lines, offering many possibilities for use and application in the industrial field.

Energy sector applications

EURO 2000’s products designed for power cable protection in the energy sector fully meet the requirements of this industry and are suitable for all kinds of applications.

Nuclear sector
Nuclear power plants

Hydroelectric sector
Hydroelectric power plants

Geothermal sector
Geothermal power plants

Electricity sector – cogeneration
Power plants converted to gas turbines

Solar Photovoltaic sector
Photovoltaic plants

Recycling sector
Waste-to-energy plants

Wind energy sector
Wind energy plant