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HR Department

Employees are the most valuable resource of a company as bees are of a hive. In EURO 2000 we believe that a company is as good as its employees are and as good as the human resources team that supports them.
Our HR managers are tasked with providing clear direction and guidance and are responsible for helping to create a positive and encouraging work environment to create the best conditions for talent development through learning, training and development, relationships, well-being, compensation, benefits and employee engagement.
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Why work with us?

We think that challenges can only be accomplished with teamwork

In the world of bees we never speak in the singular. Each one makes an individual contribution to a common goal.

We believe that any role taken should be completed with commitment and dedication

While carrying out a specific task, the important thing is to focus only and exclusively on that. As do bees.

We are sure that only by working for a common goal, we ensure the well-being of all

When a bee collects nectar, it does not do it for itself, it does so because it is critical for the survival of the hive.

Selection steps


Step 1

Through a first telephone interview, we try to understand who you are and what are the reasons that led you to apply to work with us.


Step 2

With a first technical interview we will share together the hard skills and soft skills we are looking for in you.


Step 3

With a second interview with our Resp. Human Resources interview we will try to understand who you are and what your personal values are.


Step 4

If we find affinities between us and you, we will start a journey together.

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