Configure your product

The management of customized products is our strength and through our new I-CHOOSE&DESIGN configurators, you will be able, independently, to configure the special of your choice.

Based on a rule’s engine, I-CHOOSE&DESIGN guides you in the selection and configuration of custom-made parts, pre-drilled boxes and pre-assembled kits, taking you to your destination as the best navigator

I-CHOOSE&DESIGN is our proposal for the diversified management of standard items, that will be able to manage in an assembled way for every type of need, making sure that you choose among all the possible configurations, the one that best suits your installation needs.

We ask our customers what they need and help them configure customized products

Listening to the needs of our customers, proposing solutions based on their actual needs, is what we want to do through our I-CHOOSE&DESIGN configurators.
I-CHOOSE&DESIGNProduct Configurators speed up the product development process by using existing in-house data and integrating engineering and manufacturing processes.
They also eliminate errors by integrating sales and production because, according to technical rules, they generate a BOM that is accurate and 100% customized.
Because the entire process is automated through synchronization between design, manufacturing, and sales teams, there is almost no chance of error.
There are two I-CHOOSE&DESIGN product configurators:

  1. I-CHOOSE&DESIGN-Custom conduit and fitting system (segment) configurator dedicated to the customized configuration of custom-made pieces with fittings and cable glands assembled.
  2. I-CHOOSE&DESIGN-pre-drill cassette configurator dedicated to the customized configuration of pre-drilled boxes with different types of threads.