Simply different.

We have been creating and manufacturing the most innovative electrical cable protection systems for the industrial sector for over 20 years. We work side by side with our clients, offering them tangible solutions. Through new ideas and patents, we manufacture cable protection systems and metal conduit products that brought significant innovation to the industry, bringing to life products and technical solutions through new applications.

We also generated value for our clients through creativity, innovation, and teamwork. That is why we have become the partner of the market’s leading companies that choose to collaborate with us daily.

Our background

We are different because:

We have an innovative approach

We invest our knowledge and innovation to explore new solutions and offer the products and services to the market that meet still unexpressed questions and needs.
We offer a different perspective, which allows us to innovate existing products and industry dynamics.

We truly give value to our client's needs

We build relationships based on listening and understanding needs to turn them into tangible solutions. It is crucial for us to follow the clients and adapt to their needs, always offering the best answer through our expertise and product knowledge.

We believe in Employee Empowerment

Our company culture focuses on the talent of our employees and invests in their personal and professional potential. In fact, we believe that enhancing the value of our employees and supporting their growth, strengthening mutual bonds, and a sense of responsibility and commitment will allow achieving personal and corporate goals.

We are a Green Tech Company

We are responsible for safeguarding the environment and the future of the next generation, which is why we have implemented a sustainable development strategy. We make quality products through eco-friendly production techniques and in line with circular economy models, minimizing our environmental impact.

Corporate departments

Research and Development

At Euro 2000, we have an entire department dedicated to research and development that, through the review and analysis of the changes in the sector and using FEM analysis and tests on the materials used in our products, ensures and improves the innovation of our entire production cycle.
Investing in expertise and development is one of the key distinguishing elements to stand out in the market, and it allows us to offer our clients the most innovative solutions and the most suitable products for their needs.

Technical office

The design and development department is dedicated to implementing innovative solutions, creating products that meet the standards, and achieving certification, thanks to all the internal pre-tests we perform on the prototypes.
Our team promptly meets product requests for clients and companies,
starting from constructing prototypes using 3D printing or other technologies that we test and validate directly with them.


Our production takes place in several stages; for each, we use industry 4.0 machinery that guarantees efficiency and high product quality.
We have various manufacturing processes: roll-forming machines for flexible conduits, extrusion machines for flexible conduit, CNC machines for metal products, and injection molding for plastic parts.

Quality Control

Quality Control carefully monitors each stage of the production process. It ensures compliance with the quality standards established by management, thanks to continuous communication with other departments.
We have several checkpoints within the company starting from incoming goods to final packaging. We use the AQL sampling method to perform semi-finished and finished products, both internally and from suppliers, in order to ensure maintain the same level of quality.


Our marketing department implements strategic and practical actions to promote our products and services to potential clients.
Through a careful study of market needs, we can anticipate the needs of our target audience, offering a timely response through our offline and online corporate channels and providing helpful content and information.

Assembly and Packaging

Our assembly lines combine manual processes with semiautomatic machinery and, thanks to our modular system, ensure that individual products are ready with the minimum assembly time possible. This allows us to facilitate logistics that ensure secure deliveries. At the same time, we are investing in Industry 4.0 vertical storage, which will reduce packaging time even more.


Our dedicated sales team takes care of the promotion of products and more. It comprises professionals who support our clients through the entire purchasing stage, helping them from the very beginning to define the technical aspects and their product needs all the way to the purchasing decision through the sales channel. It is thanks to the technical skills of our salespeople that we are able to ensure quality in every step of the supply chain and offer the best level of service to the clients who choose us as their partner.

After sale

Putting the clients at the center means meeting their needs and achieving their expectations with our work. This is why the after-sales step is of crucial importance for us: it is there where we demonstrate even more how important it is for us to establish a relationship of trust with those who choose us, and it is thanks to it that we optimize the management of the distributors’ CEDI warehouses.