Nylon and pvc conduits

PVC and nylon conduits for electrical cables are characterized by high flexibility and the ability to adapt to geometric shapes.

Thanks to the addition of polymeric plasticizing agents, the structure of PVC and nylon conduits is more resistant to aging, thus ensuring safe and cost-effective wiring. Our range of nylon and PVC conduits is complete, allowing you to choose from various models, including braided metal external covering products.

Our pvc cable conduit products

Smooth PVC flexible cable conduit products are widely used in the food, service, and industrial sectors. In fact, they feature good resistance to oils, aging and acids generally used in industrial sectors.

Our pvc cable conduit products are also offered in a braided version with a galvanized steel braid, making them particularly suitable for industrial applications in environments with white-hot sparks or residues from mechanical processing. In fact, when braided, the pipes become resistant to white-hot sparks and slag. They can be used in special industrial applications.

Our product range also includes a wide selection of fittings and accessories to provide the perfect protection system.

Our nylon cable conduit products

Polyamide (nylon) conduit products are one of the most popular solutions to provide complete protection for electrical cables. They are characterized by their flexibility, high corrosion resistance, and resistance to UV rays, and they are self-extinguishing.

Nylon conduits also protect against dirt and moisture and can withstand extreme temperatures. Our product range includes plastic and flexible metal conduits , spiral conduits, corrugated conduits, braided external covering, and divisible conduits. We can provide complete protection systems suitable for the specific needs of each plant.

Divisible nylon conduits

Our “Nylon FIPSYSTEMS” cable corrugated conduit products now include a new addition: the series of Polyamide 6 FIPSPLIT divisible conduits. They are perfect for retrofitting applications or cable replacements on new and existing lines. The double divisible conduit provides increased protection capabilities against any external influence or impact.

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