Euro 2000 cable protectors for the solar and renewable energy sectors

EURO 2000 works alongside customers to study and produce lightweight and multifunctional components that secure and protect wiring in photovoltaic and wind power plants. Our goal is to enable industry experts to create the future in renewable applications in a simple way.

EURO 2000 is a company specialized in electrical cable protection solutions that enable companies working in the field of renewable energy plants that are subjected to continuous stress, to operate significantly more efficiently. The key word, in this case, is long durability even in extreme conditions. Whether small wind farms or offshore wind farms – we know your needs very well, thanks to more than a decade of experience in the sector.

The advantage for your photovoltaic systems and wind turbines: optimization of investments, thanks to the reduction of failures and the reduction of service and maintenance costs.

Protection for the solar and renewable energy sector

Extend the duration of maintenance intervals even in existing wind farms and photovoltaic systems. With the PP-UV-SF-SC series sheath we have developed a protective sheath that can also be installed in existing systems. The particular elasticity is perfect to follow the folds and adapt to different diameters. Mounting in wind turbine blades is simple and the service technician can reopen the PP-UV-SF-SC sheath at any time through the use of a polyamide 6 insertion tool with handle, non-flame propagating. Available in black. This tool is used for inserting cables into corrugated pipes and slit corrugated plastic pipes. Suitable for sizes from 7.5 to 34 mm.

EURO 2000 ‘s Applications of solar cable protection systems and renewable energies

Our cable protection systems are designed and certified for the renewable plant sector. Whether satellite dishes or solar panels, air conditioning units and other installations on the exterior facades of residential buildings or industrial plants, external ducts must meet particularly high demands. The task of the ducts is to reliably protect the cables from high mechanical stress deriving, for example, from a strong influence of the wind. The cables must also be protected from changing weather conditions such as rain, humidity, cold and snow, as well as UV radiation.

Years of exposure to UV radiation or weathering take a lot away from unprotected cables: not only do they change color, but they become fragile and imperfect. This compromises the reliability and operation of the entire electrical system. EURO 2000 offers cable protection systems suitable for these uses in both plastic and metal for UV protection.

Application examples for solar and renewable energy

The TXR system is a very resistant stainless steel duct made of AISI 304 or 316l stainless steel, in lengths of 3 m, coupled to the EURO 2000 quick couplings is used in environments that require extreme mechanical resistance and close connections and for outdoor installation.

Conduits series PP-UV-SF.SC is a resealable corrugated slit sheath made of PP-MOD-BS-UV. Non-flame propagating and available in black. This corrugated duct is used for various outdoor installations. Its main fields of application are solar collectors, SAT units and photovoltaic power plants.

An advantage is that it is resistant to high temperatures and provides protection against damage from rodent bites.

This two-piece corrugated duct can be easily adapted to an existing duct. To begin the installation, open the duct and insert the cable. Close the slot by sliding on the outer duct. UV resistant for up to 20 years. Process plants, mixing units, bakery plants, packaging plants fish and meat processing plants, conveyor belts, weighing machines, control equipment and electrical panels, instrumentation, hazardous areas.