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We generate value for our customers through creativity, innovation and teamwork. We are close to our customers to anticipate their needs and propose innovative solutions. This is why we are partners of the most important leading companies in the market that choose to collaborate with us every day.

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We have always invested in the study and research of innovative applications to give new vitality and revolutionize the sector of cable protection systems and conduits. Our variable angle fitting allows versatility of use and installation in every application area.

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We are implementing a sustainable development strategy that we are applying throughout the product cycle. We produce quality products through sustainable production techniques and in line with circular economy models, minimizing our impact on the environment.

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Our production activity is constantly enriched by new ideas and patents that we develop and test according to the highest quality standards in the sector, obtaining first-level certifications and respecting all industry standards.

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We believe that the value of a company passes through the quality of its processes and products, which is why we believe it is essential that our commitment to our customers and the market is certified by third party bodies capable of imparting competence and responsibility with impartiality, who we are and what we produce.

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We create and produce the most innovative protection systems for electric cables and metal conduits and we stand by our customers, offering them concrete solutions. We have a flexible product line that can be adapted to any type of need and we have devised patents that make us simply different.



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Our range of products offer cable protection systems and they are rigid conduits, metallic flexible conduits, nylon conduits, fittings, cable glands and junction box for electric cables. Thanks to the continuous research and innovation of the Euro 2000 patents, it has created new products for a vast range of applications.

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If you are looking for a customized conduit and fitting system or a pre-drilled junction box, visit our area dedicated to configurators.

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Our journey began in the year 2000, but we have 40 years of experience in the electrical cable protection industry. We are partners with leading companies in the market, and every day we generate value for our customers thanks to the innovation, creativity, and passion that have always distinguished us. About us

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Euro 2000 electrical cable protection systems are perfect for all kinds of applications and sectors in full respect of the specifications, needs, and technical-environmental factors associated with each activity.


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