We customize our products based on the customer’s needs, so that through this process, maximum mutual satisfaction is created, managing to understand the customer’s needs and simplifying the process of choice.


We offer the customers a special service according to their needs by designing together with our engineers to create new products not in the catalog, performing prototypes in production and first performing internal tests to verify the functional characteristics of the system to ensure the product complies with the system requirements according to customer needs.

Customized lengths of flexible metal conduit and fitting system

With this initiative we want to put ourselves more and more at the service of customers, giving the possibility to supply lengths of flexible / rigid conduit already cut to size, with the fittings already assembled.

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Customized cut to size

The cut to size allows the choice of the lengths of the misure of rolls based on your needs, whether they are special batches of conduits with special length coil or pieces of flexible metal conduit cut to predefined size.
The cut to size represents a valid solution for the reduction of waste during installation, in line with the objectives of waste reduction, with a consequent reduction in waste production and cost cutting in an efficient and effective way.

Pre assembled kit

The pre-assembled kit is a solution for all those applications in which reducing of assembly times and the low specialization of the workforce are not negligible factors. With a validation of the project together with our internal technicians, we can assure the realization of your pre-assembled kit in compliance with the highest quality standards of production.

Predrilled junction box

The customized pre-drilled junction box system offers the possibility of using threads of different sizes on the same junction box. Four basic junction box models, with five different pre-drilling solutions. The derivation boxes are complete with threaded nuts and sealing gaskets to ensure an IP65 degree of protection or desired IP rating pre-drilled boxes available based on enquiry.

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